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  • 2.3 Trillion Annual Revenue
  • 18 U.S. GDP
  • 10 Million Jobs

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Job Details

UX Designer at Expel
Herndon, VA, US

You’re the kind of person who can look around and see a dozen broken experiences you’re itching to fix—from the timesheet program you’re obliged to use, to the inscrutable coffee machine in the break room, to the time-wasting meeting culture at your organization. Rather than complain, you act. You ask why. You (politely) push for change. You try things and learn from mistakes.

UX isn’t always smooth sailing, but you’ve persevered and found success. You’ve discovered creative ways to get in front of users, you’ve engaged with developers to understand why it’s hard to build what you designed, you’ve made friends with QA and customer support, you’ve brought others into your process. Everything you learn helps you see problems from a different perspective and makes you a better designer—and hopefully one day, a better team leader.

Are you looking for a workplace that will appreciate that grit and perspective? That will cultivate your leadership skills and set you up for success in your UX career?

Our UX team is small but mighty (and growing!). We’re deeply involved at every stage of the product lifecycle—from market validation of the idea through design, development, rollout, and adoption. 

As a UX designer at Expel, you’re joining a company that has user experience as a founding capability and market differentiator. Where UX is championed at the highest levels and you don’t have to fight to make a difference. It’s an incredible environment for learning, where you’ll have a ton of autonomy and design freedom, plus plenty of support to take risks and do your best work.

We love it, and we believe you’ll love it, too.

What Expel can do for you

  • Build your domain expertise in the hyper-growth cybersecurity industry
  • Sit you side-by-side with our users so you can get the rich insights that come from intensive firsthand observation
  • Empower you to expand the scope of UX as you identify new opportunities to do what’s right for our users
  • Give you input into feature and roadmap decisions
  • Back up your design vision with a team of fast, capable developers who are willing to experiment with you
  • Help you improve your skills in interviewing, workshop facilitation, service design, and UX and business strategy

What you can do for Expel

  • Research feature requests, find out what users are really asking for, then design for that problem
  • Design interactions that improve user productivity, understanding, and feeling of control
  • Work with the UI/UX teams to develop repeatable design patterns and elegant micro interactions
  • Truly understand our users and their needs—and, just as important, what they don’t need
  • Communicate your designs to engineering and QA, then shepherd them through development and release to ensure quality and adoption
  • Focus on delivering outcomes, rather than shipping features
  • Constantly question assumptions and push our team to be better

What you should bring with you

  • Ability to articulate the design problem, your design decisions, and your assumptions
  • 3+ years of on-the-job experience designing transactional UI, such as ecommerce, back-office software, or mobile apps
  • Curiosity and willingness to dive into the technical details, when needed
  • Experience designing transactional UI, such as ecommerce, back-office software, or mobile apps
  • Flexibility and creativity to pivot quickly when necessary—this is startup, remember
  • Courage to be wrong, and the persistence to keep going until you’re on the right track again
  • Bonus points if you have strong visual design, typography, and/or writing skills

What’s not in this job description

  • Software programs—A motived, capable person like you should be able to learn whatever programs are necessary to do the job. We currently use Figma, Jira, Confluence, Zoom, and Trello.
  • A long list of UX deliverables—We assume you have experience with the common types of deliverables and know when to use them.
  • Coding skills—We have people for that, although you’ll want to develop some understanding of what’s beneath the surface of the product. 

Additional information

This role is based out of our offices in Herndon, Virginia. If you’re convinced we’d be making a huge mistake by not talking to you about working remotely, do let us know.