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Generating more than $2.3 trillion in annual revenue–18% of the U.S. GDP–and employing more than 10 million Americans, jobs at venture-backed companies are among the most rewarding careers on the planet, and many of NEA's growing portfolio companies have positions available. Check here often to see what exciting career opportunities are available at NEA-backed companies.

  • 2.3 Trillion Annual Revenue
  • 18 U.S. GDP
  • 10 Million Jobs

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Job Details

Principal Engineer - Media SDK at Blue Jeans Network
Bangalore, IN

The ideal Principal Engineer - Media SDK candidate would…

  • Believe in fault-free multi-threaded software design.
  • Have experience with low delay high throughput systems like video conferencing, video streaming, playback or capture-record.
  • Collaborate across teams for thorough design reviews and completeness of feature integration.
  • Participate in inter-team Architecture discussions and Design reviews, and influence our R&D future.


Some of the things you’re expected to do...

  • Understand existing ecosystem before being able to add features, functions and enhancements.
  • Plan with known expectations and dependencies.
  • Design and implement including coding, unit testing and release to production.
  • Improve quality with every version, and new features must match or exceed existing levels.
  • Contribute to a collaborative and responsive team that owns a world-class product service.
  • Through awareness question priorities and influence planning.

 Some of the qualifications we usually expect...

  • BS or MS in Computer Science or related field.
  • 8+ years' experience developing in C++.
  • 5+ years' experience developing video conferencing/playback/recording solutions.
  • Experience in building multi-platform solutions/SDK on two or more of Linux/Android/iOS/Mac/Win
  • Hands-on experience on Linux/shell and Wireshark
  • Expertise in Agile development methodology & tools, estimation and planning.
  • Good communication skills through email, specs and design docs. 

You Get Bonus Points for….

  • Experience with opensource: pjsip, webrtc.
  • Experience with protocols: RTP/RTCP, RTX, FEC, SIP, H.323.
  • Experience with scripts: Python.
  • Contribution to open source projects.