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  • 2.3 Trillion Annual Revenue
  • 18 U.S. GDP
  • 10 Million Jobs

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Job Details

Software Developer (NYC) at Eko
New York City, NY, US

Come join us at Eko, and help build the future of interactive video.

You’ll be working on a platform that enables the creation and delivery of experiences that are somewhere between TV shows and video games. You’ll support some of the biggest creators in film and TV, and serving their art to millions of viewers. This means getting into the bits and bytes of rendering, I/O handling, and data processing. You’ll use cutting edge and experimental features. You’ll face the darkest corners of modern browsers and nodejs. It’s going to be fun.

We use JavaScript for (almost) everything. This means server-side, cli tools, web apps and other clients such as mobile, Xbox, Steam and smart TVs apps. You’ll take JavaScript to the extreme. At the same time, we are not driven by tools and libraries; we choose the best ones for our products and master them quickly.

You’ll collaborate closely in small teams to take features from spec to delivery. No two projects look the same; every feature is an opportunity to tackle a new piece of the stack. Your strengths will push our team forward, and you’ll hone your craft as an engineer. As we learn, we’re always sharing our knowledge and expertise with the entire team.

(also the dogs, snacks, happy hour jam sessions, and general speak-your-mind creative environment will keep things interesting when you’re not JavaScripting)

Key Requirements

  • Great coding skills and an appetite to learn more
  • Software Design - deep understanding of design patterns and ability to transform ideas into a stable working software that is readable, testable, and maintainable
  • Web Infrastructure - optimizing for fast delivery, HTTP, CDNs, browser compatibility and all that jazz

Key Advantages

  • Experience with ES6 would be great
  • Client side JS frameworks -  React, Angular or Vue
  • Server side Node.js frameworks - Express or Hapi
  • Experience with testing frameworks and delivering test-covered code
  • CSS - preprocessors like SASS/LESS/Stylus, CSS architecture methodologies like BEM/OOCSS/SMACSS
  • JavaScript ecosystem - packaging (yarn/npm), building (webpack/gulp/grunt), testing (mocha/jest/jasmine, headless browsers etc.), linting (jshint/eslint/jslint)
  • Experience and familiarity with the browser rendering process, Canvas, WebGL, shaders

Who We Are

We make great tech that tells great stories, and we use that tech to run the world's only streaming service where all the content is interactive.  We believe viewer-centric, actually-interactive entertainment is going to change the way we live, and we partner with major studios, creators, talent, and brands to make it a reality. Our authoring tool is available (for free) at Eko Studio, where independent creators are making waves with their own content.

Our investors include Innovation Endeavors, Intel Capital, MGM, NEA, Samsung, Sequoia Capital, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Music Group, WPP, and Walmart. The company is based in NYC with offices in Tel Aviv.

At Eko, we believe we're all artists. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive workforce, so we can represent everyone trying to build a more creative future. We are an equal opportunity employer, considering all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, military or veteran's status (including protected veterans), sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other protected class.